Frustrated with performing tasks that a robot could handle?

Set up 3 tools in your Microsoft Office 365 suite and start automating these tasks instantly.

Employee with peace of mind about his work

your objectives

Put your Microsoft Office 365 suite
to work for you

Automate your processes

Use Microsoft Power Automate to automate copy and paste, file sharing, and unpaid invoice dunning.

Connect your tools together

Make your tools communicate with each other. Your CRM, your chat tool, your Power BI dashboards, your Outlook or any other tool of your company.

Organize your data

Centralize and store your data so you can view and share it across your organization.

Team working together


Automate your work today, it's possible

Automating your work is easy and no one can do it better than you.

We help you make the right decisions at the beginning of the project and accompany you on the first steps.

Our goal is that you become completely independent on the Microsoft Power Platform.

Employee with peace of mind about his work

How do you do it?

Your Microsoft suite already has all the tools you need

Microsoft Power Apps, Power Automate and Power BI offer you all the necessary elements to optimize your processes, centralize your data, interact with it and display it to make decisions.

And you stay in a secure, controlled environment that is already integrated into your workday.

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"We discovered a new way to leverage the data in our HR platform. Metriq has allowed us to make our processes simpler and smoother with a uniquely user-centric methodology."

Vincent Gailhaguet (Talent Director)

"metriq saved us thousands of Euros and scaled our internal cost and time management with their 2 day workshop. In two weeks, they orchestrated a complete workflow using only Google Apps."

Chloé Bonnet (CEO & Founding Partner)

"metriq helped us transform 30 years of organizational heritage by activating our historical data. As a result, our offering has become more valuable through the optimization of our internal processes."

Pierre Soussin (Digital Lead)

Start automating your business today.

Get in touch with us and start identifying opportunities to automate and digitalize your business on your Microsoft Office 365 suite.


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